Watching Calvary Captions on Your Device

Calvary Church,, has captioning available at 9:40am EST on Sunday Mornings. There are netbooks available in the back of the sanctuary already set up, or you can watch on your own device, using Calvary's wifi network, or your phone service.

Video Only

Text Only:,sans-serif&fs=30&fgc=ffff00&bgc=000000&chat=false&header=false


Video with CC Below (Do not use in sanctuary) :


To prevent Android from blanking the screen:
Go to settings > display > screen timeout > never timeout.
 Be sure to reset this when you are done watching. 

To Create Your Own Preset Options
You'll notice on the top link, there are options like "&chat=false", "&header=false".
You can modify how the screen appears when you click on a link by adjusting these.

Add a bookmark:
Android: Bookmark the page you want to add to a Home screen >Open the browser “bookmarks” screen > Long-press the bookmark you want> Select “Add to Home screen”
iPhone: When you’re looking at a web page, just hit “+” and select “Add to Home Screen”.


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