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[Update 2014: now using pluck, captionwire using wordpress, and grcomputerworks is using blogger]
I have been waiting on using cms for for a while now, thinking I might build my own.

Came across a post about a simple cms called gpEasy. I think it's everything I would build. I dropped it into a folder on my IIS webhost Arvixe, which provides PHP, but not properly configured, so as yet, no drop in PHP solution had worked. Simple config and it was up. Wow, like the commercial says, "that was easy".

I am using the open source .Net CMS, Umbraco, on and, and I am quite happy with it, but I figure a php file based website is more portable, since I haven't got Umbraco to run on my apache server with Mono.

The "Simple Blog" plugin had some issues, and was really too simple, but blogger is still free. I'll see if I can figure out how to make this html5----