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OK Go - "This To Shall Pass"

hat tip - the nerdist.

Live Captioning Begins at Calvary Church of Grand Rapids

Calvary Captioning Beginning March 7 Calvary Church will offer *live captioning during the second hour worship service to those desiring assistance understanding the spoken words. If you desire this assistance, personal pre-programmed notebook computers will be available at the Information Desk in the back of the sanctuary. These devices will display the words spoken on our platform live through the internet. You do not need any special training to use the devices; they will be turned on for you and the words will appear as they are broadcast.

*this live captioning is provided by a voice captioner. Voice captioning does not require any typing, and the “record” being taken can be seen almost instantly by others. Wearing a headset and speaking into a microphone, voice captioners simply repeat what is being said in real time, and the transcript appears on a computer screen — punctuation marks and all.

[EDIT 2011] This captioning is now provided by Tenness…