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Captioned Christmas Program at Calvary Church

THE BAGMAN AND THE KING! In this year’s production, The Bagman and the King, the townspeople of Brampton are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the King. While they are busy preparing, they encounter an unknown bagman (a man without a home) who is carrying a special surprise in his bag. As the surprise is unveiled, the whole town discovers that God’s gift of love brings both the royal and the rugged together at the manger.For those located near Grand Rapids, MI: Dec 1st @ 7 PM, there will be captions at the Calvary Church East Beltline NE near 1-96 for Festival of Lights program. Captions will only be available for this night, so arrive early for best seating!! (captions may also be viewed on portable devices).
Facebook Event Page for "The Bagman and the King"Calvary Church Website About Calvary Captions:Calvary Church began providing Closed Captioning in March of 2010, with a live voice captioner, and captions displayed on netbook computers.
Professional CART began in 2011 wit…

Watching Calvary Captions on Your Device

Calvary Church,, has captioning available at 9:40am EST on Sunday Mornings. There are netbooks available in the back of the sanctuary already set up, or you can watch on your own device, using Calvary's wifi network, or your phone service.

Video Only

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Video with CC Below (Do not use in sanctuary) :


To prevent Android from blanking the screen:
Go to settings > display > screen timeout > never timeout.
 Be sure to reset this when you are done watching. 

To Create Your Own Preset Options
You'll notice on the top link, there are options like "&chat=false", "&header=false".
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Dolphin HD on Android

The last Android Browser works just fine for me, although I also have 2 versions of Opera, and Firefox too, I discovered how much I like Dolphin's Webzine feature.  Kind of like an RSS or newsreader, but with several popular feeds there. Since Twitter and Facebook don't provide much of interest, I can read TechCrunch or BBC, Yahoo! Sports.New fan.