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35 Inconvenient Truths

I believe in being green - taking better care of the environment than we are. But I find Global Warming as hard to swallow at The Coming Ice Age (remember the 70's?).

Here's an article on 35 errors in the movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

What is the truth?


Sunday, there were lots of things in the message that inspired me.
Hear Calvary's 12/02/2007 Message - Is it in you?

Luke 1:15 (about John the Baptist)
"He will be great in the eyes of the LORD".

Wow - how high a commendation can you get!

Acts 6:1-6 God wanted Spirit-filled people to wait tables! Obviously, God wants you to be Spirit filled no matter what your job.

Eph. 3:10 "Find out what pleases God"
Listen to God, find out what God wants you to do, then do it!