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Famous Left Handers

Famous left-handers:
50 Cent
Adolf Hitler
Albert Einstein
Alexander the Great
Angelina Jolie
Anna Nalick
Anthony Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice
Ashley Tisdale
Babe Ruth
Barack Obama
Barry Bonds
Bart Simpson
BB King
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Netanyahu
Bernie Mac
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Billy Corgan
Billy Crystal
Billy Ray Cyrus
Bob Dylan
Boston Strangler (Albert Henry DeSalvo)
Brian Lara
Bronson Pinchot
Bruce Willis
Buzz Aldrin
Carol Burnett
Caroline Kennedy
Cary Grant
Celine Dion
Charles "Lefty" Driesell
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chapman
Chris Martin
Christian Slater
Clarence Darrow
Cole Porter
Colin Powell
Dan Aykroyd
Dane Cook
Dave Barry
David Bowie
David Henrie
David Letterman
David Rockefeller
Davida Williams
Deion Sanders
Denis Quaid
Denise Richards
Diane Keaton
Dick Van Dyke
Dominic Howard
Don Rickles
Dorothy Hamill
Doug (Cartoon Character)
Drew Carey
Edwin Aldrin
Ella Kenion
Fidel Castro
Fran Drescher
Freddie Prinze Jr.
George H.W. Bush
George Michael

Climbing Google Ranks

Jared writes "Google, You Really Like Me"

Is that really a good thing?

It's a little freaky to me. I wish I had vision and direction when I started my tenure on the web. Maybe I could have developed a brand or something.

Maybe I could have "monetized". Hosted Wordpress does not allow ads.

Oh well. Good thing I have a day job.