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Mama Mia Fundraiser for V.I.P.P.

VIPP Visually Impaired Persons for Progress
What is VIPP?

VIPP is an organization of good friends uniting together to have fun and make a difference in the community for those who are blind or visually impaired!

Visually Impaired Persons for Progress (VIPP) is a local chapter of the Michigan Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired (MCBVI) which is an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind (ACB)
Your annual dues includes membership in all three organizations!
You will receive The Braille Forum from ACB and the MCBVI Newsletter in your choice of formats!
You can participate in annual state or national conventions!
VIPP meets on the second Tuesday of September, November, January, March, and May unless otherwise announced. Other special events and activities are planned including an annual trip to a Whitecaps game, a Christmas Party and much more!
Regular meetings start at 6:30 with dinner (optional) at 5:30! We meet at the Grand Villa Restaurant 3594 Chicago Drive in Grandville unles…

What do you love?

I love to laugh!
I love a good fart joke
I love a paragraph full of puns
I love my wife
I love having a family, and a son that looks up to me
I love being able to fix things
I love helping people
I love helping people help themselves
I love the way God leads us down a path we never expected
I love people who smile
I love encouragement
I love people who are passionate about what they do
I love people who show extraordinary kindness
I love it when people are heroic
I love it when a mom stands up for a real injustice against her kid (not the fake injustice of a spoiled rotten child)
I love it when I expect the best of somebody, and see it.
I love the way my wife and son love animals
I love the way my stepdaughter unabashedly stands up for what she believes in
I love the way my daughter walks into a room and instantly makes friends
I love that my son considers everyone in his class a friend.
I love watching Aidan Mack sign (can hardly understand a word)
I love a sunny day at the *Silent Celebration
I love my l…