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Captioned Movie Trailers: "Crowdsourcing" Captions and Subtitles

One of the things I like about captioning movie trailers on DotSUB, is looking find the being translated into other languages.

Here is the movie trailer for Predator, captioned in English, and now subtitled in Italian and Japanese.

Hierarchy of Needs for Usability: Functional, Reliable, Usable, Pleasurable

There was a great article on Emotional Interface Design on by Aaron Walter
The interfaces we design must first be functional – they need to solve a problem for us. Next, they need to be reliable – no fail whales please. Our interfaces need to be usable – easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to remember.

The piece we often overlook is the pleasure. It’s at the core of culinary arts, but we find it far too infrequently in the web apps and websites we use daily.
But what I liked best was this image:


Alternative energy drag race goes badly for Tesla

Found this article on a google alert for forklifts, because it's powered by two forklift motors.

By the way, check out the site. I love the article rating system - the PH O'meter.

Play asteroids in HTML5 Canvas

Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Always loved the game - now more fascinating because it's in SVG!

Lord, Bless the Dirt I'm Diggin'

Lord bless the dirt I'm diggin
the ground is hard, the work is tough
Most times it seems the growning
just ain't happenining fast enough

So take whatever's there and make it yours
Take hold of whatever's there that's good
Lord bless the dirt I'm diggin
Only you can make it turn out like it should.