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Speed Racer Mach 5 at Celebration! Cinema North!

Someone made a replica of Speed Racer, it's on display at Celebration! Cinema North
Display will be available next week, April 21-

Natural Classic Belding

I am glad to see that Dave Doolittle has made a web presence for his Show, officially titled "Mr/Ms Novice Novice Drug Free Body Building Championship" but known locally as Belding Natural Classic

Dave has been promoting this show, hosted in the Belding High School Auditorium for 18 years. This year, there were enough contestants to have a teen class, master's class, women's short and tall class, three classes of Novice and the open class.

The show was sponsored by Affordable Nutrition,WestSide Fitness, Beckwith's Gym and more.

One my wife's personal training clients took the women's trophy! Go Terry!

See you at the Michigan Challenge, May 17th!