What do you love?

I love to laugh!
I love a good fart joke
I love a paragraph full of puns
I love my wife
I love having a family, and a son that looks up to me
I love being able to fix things
I love helping people
I love helping people help themselves
I love the way God leads us down a path we never expected
I love people who smile
I love encouragement
I love people who are passionate about what they do
I love people who show extraordinary kindness
I love it when people are heroic
I love it when a mom stands up for a real injustice against her kid (not the fake injustice of a spoiled rotten child)
I love it when I expect the best of somebody, and see it.
I love the way my wife and son love animals
I love the way my stepdaughter unabashedly stands up for what she believes in
I love the way my daughter walks into a room and instantly makes friends
I love that my son considers everyone in his class a friend.
I love watching Aidan Mack sign (can hardly understand a word)
I love a sunny day at the *Silent Celebration
I love my laptop
I love my new (to me) car with all the goodies including a Bose stereo (can you say “VOL MAX” everybody? I knew you could!).
I love grace - getting the goode I don’t deserve
I love mercy - not getting the bad I do deserve
I love forgiveness, and second, third, fourth chances
I love love.
I love Love.

I really enjoyed thinking about this.
(*Silent Celebration was a deaf/hh picnic I went to today).


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