CFL Bulbs on sale at Meijer for $.99, but...

I was excited to see CFL bulbs on sale for .99 for up to 75w replacement bulbs.
I had just purchased 4 of the GE Natural 60W Replacement bulbs for the new fixtures in my basement, so I bought some 75W Meijer bulbs to do side by side (you can exceed the watt recommendation in a fixture since it only uses 13-15W, right?)

The 60 W GE Natural lights had so much brighter and better light than the "Soft Light" 75W bulbs. When I look into that room, it looks like the sun is shining in there.

I have now become a lighting snob.

Not everyone likes the bluish natural light, so please don't be discouraged from replacing your regular light bulbs with the .99 bulb, but try the expensive ones to, see if you're not happier.

Who'da thunk I'd be excited about lighting?


espmartin said…
"Who'da thunk I'd be excited about lighting?"

I would venture to say that Bill, since you're so bright, lighting will be a BIG part of your life LOL

Good to see you and such!

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